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How Will We Sleep

How Will We Sleep

(A new and previously unreleased song. FREE to all.)

I'm no man's idol
And no man's my king.
I was born on the pause 
Of the pendulum swing.
And my father was quiet.
My mother would sing:
If you find love in life then you've found everything.

Oh, how will we sleep to the crash and the clang
As the hell-bent hellfires burn on in our name?
Oh, how will we live, by the dove or the blade?
Will we keep our eyes closed as the dream slips away?

I take my hits.
I take my bitter pill.
But I'll still spare the rod
And the in-for-the-kill.
What comes in on a temper
Goes out on a chill.
Do we learn from our past or just say that we will?


I love my baby
And I love my son.
But I won't hold my breath
And I won't hold my tongue
Growing old seemed like death to me
When I was young.
Now I want to grow old and I want to belong.

(Chorus 2x)

Words and music by Joe Pernice (Bony Gap Music, BMI. Admin by BUG/BMG)

(It’s Bandcamp Friday, so here’s a free tune for you all.)

I just wrote this one the other day. It’s pretty simple, and it came fast. I usually have a lot more to say about songs, but this one is fresh, and I’ll let it dangle out there on its own for now.

I recorded this live into my Shure MV88 mic into to my phone. Played my Lapatrie nylon string guitar. No mixing. No nothing. (Didn’t even edit out the sniffle at the top. Sorry.) Then I converted it to mp3, which is a requirement of Substack.

As always, take care and thanks for listening. —JP

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